Teaming up from breeding to market

AlphaGene is the swine genetics division of Olymel, a leader in the production, transformation and the distribution of meat derived from pigs and poultry.

AlphaGene’s objective is to support Canadian swine producers from insemination to the sale of livestock. Throughout the breeding process, AlphaGene teams up with producers to maximize their success, both as breeders and as entrepreneurs.

Collaborative economy

AlphaGene is proud of its collaborative vision and offers producers different win-win financial programs. Because the success of producers lies at the heart of its mission.

Science and expertise

In partnership with AXIOM, AlphaGene develops and rigorously selects the best breeding stock. It also uses the latest cutting-edge scientific tools, such as Alpha-Scan, a scientific approach that is unique to the company, facilitating precise measurement of animal performance.